Women's Health

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Why is Women’s Health important?

Many women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and/or abnormalities in their menstrual cycles. During puberty our young bodies require time to balance and regulate hormone changes. As young women, we are often put on birth control at the onset of our first periods to alleviate a variety of symptoms like acne, cramping, bloating, and irregularities in menstruation. While many experience relief of their symptoms on birth control, the source of what is causing the symptoms is not acknowledged. Menopause is comparable to the first menstrual cycle, hormones are changing and adapting to this new phase of life. Similar to our other organ systems, our reproductive organs and endocrine system functions can become imbalanced from stress, insufficient sleep, trauma, diet, exercise and hormone imbalance.

How Are Hormones a Factor in Women’s Health?

Registered in the same part of our brain, our hormones and emotions influence each other. When we experience stress or feel emotions of anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, irritation, and resentment, it has the potential to cause hormonal imbalances. The liver plays a significant role in hormonal imbalances because the liver breaks down or metabolizes the hormones once they have done their work in the body1. Consequently symptoms of PMS like breast tenderness, cramping before a period, cramping during a period, migraines, acne, late periods and feeling very emotional can worsen.

What are Common Health Concerns for Women?

Common men’s health complaints for women are:

How Is Women’s Health Treated?

To address hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities, and menopause the combination of BioScan SRT testing, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements are used to stabilize hormonal variations. Collectively they encourage the body’s natural functions and restore optimum balance. 

How Can Acupuncture Treat Women’s Health?

Acupuncture has a great effect on regulating hormones, aiding in fertility, calming anxiety and depression, reducing stress, and encouraging an overall feeling of wellbeing.