Supplements are intended to provide the body with nutrients that are deficient from our daily requirements. There are many factors that necessitate our need for supplementation, such as stress in our daily life, poor quality of our food supply, and the increased burden of toxins in our brains and bodies. A basic daily supply of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, and amino acids, among other substances are necessary for all our enzymes and biochemistry to operate as designed.

At Ananta Health, Dr. Risk and Dr. Wittner are both Supplement Consultants, and use this knowledge along with information obtained using BioMeridian assessment along with Autonomic Response Testing (ART), and Genetic testing to ascertain deficiencies of essential nutrients. The BioMeridian is also used to screen for candida, parasites, Lyme Disease, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses that could be contributing to the root cause of the patient’s health concern. Supplements, Chinese herbs, along with diet and lifestyle changes are used to replenish nutrients.