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What Are Supplements?

Supplements are a form of nutritional support that can help the body to meet its daily requirements for essential nutrients. These can include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, amino acids and other substances that are important for the proper functioning of enzymes and biochemistry. There are many reasons why people may need to take supplements, such as stress, poor quality of food, and exposure to toxins. A basic daily supplement regimen can help to ensure that the body has the necessary nutrients to function properly.

How Does Ananta Health Use Supplements in Treatment?

Along with her training in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Risk is a certified Supplement Consultant, and she uses this knowledge along with information obtained using BioScan SRT assessment to ascertain deficiencies of essential nutrients. The BioScan SRT is also used to screen for candida, parasites, Lyme Disease, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses that could be contributing to the root cause of the patient's health concern. Supplements, herbs, along with diet and lifestyle changes are used to replenish nutrients.

Ananta Health, led by Dr. Risk, a certified Supplement Consultant, utilizes supplements as a key component in their treatment plan. Dr. Risk employs her expertise in Chinese Medicine and supplements to assess nutrient deficiencies using BioScan SRT assessment. The BioScan SRT is also used to detect potential underlying health issues such as candida, parasites, Lyme Disease, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. By replenishing essential nutrients with a combination of supplements, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, Ananta Health aims to address the root cause of their patients' health concerns.