Ionic Foot Baths

In our modern world we are exposed to a tremendous toxic load, our foods are sprayed with pesticides, our water has chlorine, the air we breathe is polluted, and our cleaning supplies, soaps, shampoos and detergents are loaded with chemicals. In order to maintain our health ongoing periodic detoxification is important. In some individuals detoxification pathways can be overburdened and unable to purge toxins properly.

In order to aid the bodies detoxification processes an Ionic Foot Bath may be used. The first thing an Ionic Foot Bath does is deliver a clean, filtered current which elicits a relaxation response in the body. Then the current combines with the water and added sea salt to generate positively and negatively charged ions. Toxins are also charged particles and as they circulate through the blood in the region of the foot, they are then naturally drawn to their opposite charge in the water that the foot is submersed in1. Initiated through the attraction of opposite charges and facilitated through both osmosis and diffusion, any negatively charged toxins are drawn to positively charged ions in the water and any positively charged toxins are drawn out into the water by negatively charged ions2. At the end of a session the toxins are neutralized in the water.

At Ananta Health our first approach is to assess the patient on the BioMeridian, a treatment plan including sessions with the Ionic Foot Bath is then set in place. Any factors that can be contributing to stress in the body are addressed, including digestive problems, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, electromagnetic exposure and Genomics. The patient’s plan is individual for their situation, including diet and lifestyle changes as well as Chinese herbs and supplements. The management of toxins is a life long journey, but with ongoing detoxification, the symptoms can be managed and reduced making living in our toxic world more tolerable.


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