M.B. - Calgary, AB

"We’re each given our own set of challenges in life, and Lyme is not an easy one.  It seems to demand incredible strength, insight, presence, and perhaps most significantly, faith, because at times it seems very convincing that it’s impossible to get through.  The thing that impacted me most when I met Dr. Risk is that it was not difficult for me to have faith that I would recover when I saw what she had come through and heard her talk about it."

B.B. - Vancouver, BC

"I don’t have a testimonial to offer in terms of achieving “Infinite Health” because I’m too new as a patient. However, I do have something important to say that might resonate with someone else who is currently in a state of despair, or perhaps feeling hopeless, which was was the case for me up until a month ago. That’s when I discovered Dr Risk’s video on Lyme Disease."

C.L. - Fredericton, NB

"I found out about Dr. Risk - it seemed through a fluke. I had sent an article about Lyme Disease to my Aunt because I felt she didn't understand what I was going through. She emailed back - "Did you call that doctor?". And I thought - what doctor? It look me a minute to realize she was referring to Dr. Risk's advertisement which was on the side of the page. It said she was in Calgary, which was nearby where I was in Banff, so I called right away."

S.H. - Calgary, AB

"I have suffered from severe allergies all my life. I’m allergic to food, perfumes, soaps, body care products, dust, cat dandruff, flowers and grass. On top of all that I have asthma and eczema. I have been to various doctors and specialists. I have tried every kind of inhaler, cream, steroid, pill and drug out there with no or minimal success. My life has been a constant struggle with itchy skin, rashes, sore throats, chronic pain, joint pain, bloating, burning lungs, fatigue, watery eyes, redness of the face, no sense of smell or taste, hair lose, depression and weight gain."

S.Sh. - Calgary AB

"My experience at Ananta health has been more than I could have imagined. I found it when I was looking for an acupuncturist for my back and although both Rebecca and Casey have helped me immeasurably in that regard they have also been my outlet for advise on so many other health question I have."

M.H. - Calgary, AB

"I'm 47 years old. I was noticing I was losing my hair, mood swings, exhausted all the time, bloated, poor memory, pain in my joints, depression, weight increase and extreme sugar cravings. I went to my regular doctor, he told me I was fine. At first I put it down to getting old or woman problems. Then I was starting to develop a sensitivity of perfumes and light. I thought I'm turning into a vampire! Something was very wrong."

S.Sc. - Calgary, AB

"I was bitten by a tick in the Black Forest region of Germany, in 1992 when I was backpacking alone through that country. The bug had inserted itself in my lower back, so I went to a hospital for assistance. I had no idea that it was a tick, and at that time I had no knowledge about Lyme disease. I also was unaware that this particular region of Germany had, and continues to have, a lot of Lyme-infested ticks. At that hospital visit they removed the tick but did not mention the need for any medicine, and I continued my tour."

J.E. - Sundry, AB

"As one of Dr. Risk’s older patients at 67, I went to her with chronic digestive and bowel problems (bloating, gas, intestinal pain, numerous food sensitivities, malabsorption) and weighing only 83 lbs. Biomeridian testing indicated parasites, candida and heavy metals were likely the cause and she started me on a program to rid my body of them."

C.F. - Regina, SK

"I became extremely ill in 2009 at the young age of 27. I had spent an incredible amount of money in search of a diagnosis and treatment as the medical system in Saskatchewan failed to help me! I was in a horrible state of health....on my death bed!"

B.H. - Calgary, AB

"I originally went to see Rebecca Risk, for my son, as he had a very bad cough for months on end and the doctors were saying that it was exercise induced asthma and gave us puffers but I was not willing to believe that that was the issue. Candida came up as an issue and we avoided as much sugar as possible and took the protocol that Dr. Risk suggested; within 2 months his persistent cough has disappeared by 90%, so we went in for an Acutonics session and after that, it went away completely."

T.H. - Calgary, AB

"I personally had been dealing with, what I thought was Chronic Fatigue syndrome and weight issues, for about 4 years, but Dr. Risk's machine diagnosed me with Lyme and parasites, which was a complete shock, but it filled in the spaces as to why I had been struggling for the past 3-4 yrs, and it all made sense, and I am now able to understand how to treat it, with Dr. Risk’s help."

F.M. - Cochrane, AB

"For some reason I haven't been able to discuss my journey with Lyme, other than my practitioners and very few family members it's been a solitary journey. I knew that I had been bitten by something Feb 01, 2014. We winter in California and as I am in the yard constantly as an avid gardener, I was warned about rattlesnakes and black widow spiders. Ticks had never been on my radar! I thought this was something people worried about on the east coast."

R.K. - Regina, SK

"The appointment I had with you at your clinic was exceptional & has left me with the Knowledge of what my health problems are, knowing this puts my mind at ease & makes me feel confident that I can get all my health issues under control & cured! I really appreciated being able to buy my supplements from you this also gives me comfort knowing I have the correct stuff, I found the pricing very reasonable & the convenience of being able to get them directly from you is priceless for me! The way I feel & my body feels even after only a short period of time is so incredible I can't wait to experience what the future holds for me! Please keep up the excellent work! I am really looking forward to our next appointment! I feel as though you have given me new life!"

A. M. - Calgary, AB

"Dr. Casey is amazing! She gave me a treatment to induce labor when I was full term with my second child. Labor started shortly after the acupuncture treatment and my son was born on his due date with no complications. I couldn't have been happier."

K. L. - Calgary, AB

"Dr. Kohlman is a phenomenal practitioner and brings such a light and passion for healing to every appointment you have with her. I am pretty attuned to knowing when I'm out of balance and even better at pushing my self-care to the back burner but Dr. Casey is so caring and great at reminding me to take care of myself and I always leave her clinic feeling so much more grounded, clear and nourished. "