Reiki Energy Healings

Reiki is the use of life energy given to us from the worlds ultimate source to create and aid in healing the physical, mental and emotional body. Reiki is a practice that dates back hundreds of years and is said to have been founded in Japan. The original Reiki masters would train for years to harness the energy of Reiki as well as be able to attune themselves to the chakras of those they were healing.

Here at Ananta our very own Reiki practitioner , Austin, is attuned to traditional Usui Reiki and uses this in conjunction with other Energy healing methods and practices to help aid the body in its natural healing ability. Austin is also trained in distance healing and can take appointments over the phone in which he uses a higher sense of meditation to present energy to the receiver. Whether or not you are looking for relaxation or just a release from something that has been holding you back in life, Reiki can be an excellent way of revitalizing the body and the mind. If you are interested in improving your bodies natural energy flow then call our office and book your appointment with Austin today.

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