BioScan SRT for Stress Reduction Therapy

What is BioScan SRT?

BioScan SRT is a form of Electrodermal Testing, meaning testing through touch of the skin. This technology is the same as an EKG, which tests your heart, or an EEG, which tests your brain or a lie detector. It was discovered in the 1940s by Dr. Voll, that by putting a small current through the body, the technology is able to take a reading on the body’s response to certain stressors. The results show where the patient is weakened, stressed or balanced. This is a similar process to the BioMeridian that Dr. Risk has been practicing since 2010 but is a needed addition due to the ability to test without the patient being in the office.

Example of the BioScan SRT scans 

When done in person electrodes are attached to the patient’s middle fingers at a specific acupuncture point, and a pulse is put through the acupuncture point to take the measurements. Dr. Risk is then able to assess the patient’s current state of stress, and make recommendations according to what shows on the scan.

BioScan SRT during Covid-19

When doing BioScan SRT testing for someone who is not in the office, the patient will first need to provide a sample of their hair via mail. By taking a small sample of the patient’s hair, the technology is able to test and offer the same outcome as an in person visit, but is able to assist those who do not live in Calgary, or are not able to come to the office.

The testing starts with a 100 point assessment to test body systems, screening for external pathogens and toxicity (such as heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, Lyme Disease, parasites and candida), seventy-eight food and environmental allergies, and ending with testing specific supplements and herbs your body will respond to in order to correct the inflammation that is present. Because this testing is specific for each person, it is not uncommon for two people with the same condition to be given a different supplement protocol.

Patient and practitioner 

Practicing since 2006, Dr. Risk uses her training in Chinese Medicine, supplements and vitamins and acupuncture to relate to the technology of the BioScan SRT. The use of acupuncture points during the reading allows the BioScan SRT to measure weakness (degeneration) and stress (inflammation). It has been proven that acupuncture points are communication centers in our nervous system that are sending messages to the brain. By taking these measurements in the body using these points, an accurate overview of stress in the body is obtained. The patient will receive a print out of all the testing, and progress and changes will be monitored at each follow up visit (which is typically every 6 weeks)

Patients are typically tested in six weeks cycles to allow the body to heal on the prescribed protocol. In this time, the patient may have lifestyle and diet changes, and is welcome to contact the office with questions. The goal in testing is to allow the patients’ main complain to heal or become less/more tolerable and then move on to a maintenance testing, which is less often (frequency done case by case).

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