S.H. - Calgary, AB

I have suffered from severe allergies all my life. I’m allergic to food, perfumes, soaps, body care products, dust, cat dandruff, flowers and grass. On top of all that I have asthma and eczema. I have been to various doctors and specialists. I have tried every kind of inhaler, cream, steroid, pill and drug out there with no or minimal success. My life has been a constant struggle with itchy skin, rashes, sore throats, chronic pain, joint pain, bloating, burning lungs, fatigue, watery eyes, redness of the face, no sense of smell or taste, hair lose, depression and weight gain. The last straw came when I developed a severe rash/lumps on the front on my body from my neck to my toes. It looked like I had been burned. The doctors did a biopsy and were clueless as to what to do. They gave me some cream and said come back if it gets worse, well it did. Then my wife saw an article on Dr. Risk and how she treats hard to diagnosis and treat diseases.

Dr. Risk was extremely kind and understood immediately there were various issues going on and many were symptoms of other problems. Dr. Risk gave me information about what I can do to avoid triggers in my everyday life. She suggested what food to eat and how to change my environment to avoid stressors. Dr. Risk discovered I had parasites and metal toxicity. Dr. Risk then prescribed a perfect combination of pure pills to slowly rid my body of these issues. Each month I started noticing significant changes, I have more energy, the redness in my face is gone, my skin is normal, I lost weight, I can breath, smell and taste.

Thank you so much Dr. Risk! You have given me my life back!