M.H. - Calgary, AB

I'm 47 years old. I was noticing I was losing my hair, mood swings, exhausted all the time, bloated, poor memory, pain in my joints, depression, weight increase and extreme sugar cravings. I went to my regular doctor, he told me I was fine. At first I put it down to getting old or woman problems. Then I was starting to develop a sensitivity of perfumes and light. I thought I'm turning into a vampire! Something was very wrong.

Then I made an appointment with Dr. Risk. Dr. Risk listened to all my symptoms and performed some tests. Dr. Risk immediately started treatment.

She was so kind and what a relief to finally be heard instead of turned away. Dr. Risk treatment started slowly addressing each problem being careful not to stress my body out. Dr. Risk helped me get rid of the parasites and lead in my body. Dr. Risk told me I have a problem with gluten, and dairy. She suggested alternative foods for me and what sort of foods I should be eating. Gluten is in almosteverything so it's not an easy thing to avoid.

Dr. Risk explained that gluten is used in a variety of products so I have to read the products I buy. The process of removing these toxins from the body is slow but effective.

Within in a few weeks of starting Dr. Risk's treatment I started feeling better. I now have energy to burn. I can run with my springer spaniel without getting winded! I wake up in the morning feeling rested and alert. I lost the bloat, back to a normal weight. My hair stopped falling
out and I'm no longer sensitive to light. I wonder if Dracula had a gluten problem?

Thank you Dr. Risk!