M.B. - Calgary, AB

We’re each given our own set of challenges in life, and Lyme is not an easy one.  It seems to demand incredible strength, insight, presence, and perhaps most significantly, faith, because at times it seems very convincing that it’s impossible to get through.  The thing that impacted me most when I met Dr. Risk is that it was not difficult for me to have faith that I would recover when I saw what she had come through and heard her talk about it.  She has so much knowledge about the nature of Lyme and how it works, and she has experienced for herself what works and what doesn’t.  To be able to rely on someone who has directly experienced what you’re going through and understands, especially with something so commonly misunderstood, is invaluable because it makes faith feel reasonable.  I really feel like we can’t heal if we’re not really trusting in the process, it’s so hard for our bodies to really relax and do what they need to do.  Because Dr. Risk is so knowledgeable, grounded, and experienced, it’s easy to trust in her direction.  She’s sincere and passionate about helping people because she truly understands what it feels like to be there, and she has used her expertise and experience together to carve an effective path through the nightmare of this illness.  Having learned a certain degree about Lyme on my own, I found Dr. Risk to be very up to date on every aspect of Lyme treatment, and for myself, her approach is very practical and manageable.  Her staff have provided every degree of support I’ve needed and I’ve never felt like it wasn’t okay to be me, even at my worst when I felt so unlike myself.  I am incredibly grateful to have Dr. Risk as a guide and for having been given a clear, manageable path to well being.  The start of my treatment has shown more progress that I had ever imagined possible, and the thing about Lyme is that is seems so apparent that you’re not going to make it through.  When you start to turn around, it really feels like a miracle.  Yet sometimes miracles start with a little bit of faith.  I really encourage anyone considering Dr. Risk as a support for recovery from Lyme to feel reassured.  You will find in her a practitioner with whom you can very reasonably place your faith.