J.E. - Sundry, AB

As one of Dr. Risk’s older patients at 67, I went to her with chronic digestive and bowel problems (bloating, gas, intestinal pain, numerous food sensitivities, malabsorption) and weighing only 83 lbs. Biomeridian testing indicated parasites, candida and heavy metals were likely the cause and she started me on a program to rid my body of them.

This was not the first cleansing program that I’d undergone under a professional’s supervision but the difference this time was Dr. Risk’s methodical approach that was tailored to ME. My body is super sensitive to cleansing and can have very adverse reactions that others wouldn’t normally have.

Dr. Risk understood this and made me take it very slow. The result was less strain on my system and the ability to continue through the process without being down and out for days at a time. I also like that biomeridian testing provides o a diagnostic to see results and know when a step in the process is complete.

To date, I have completed the parasite and candida cleanses and am starting on the heavy metal detox. Digestion is much better, my bowel has improved and I’ve gained 10lbs. I’m able to eat foods that were previously not tolerated and having more variety makes meals so much more enjoyable. Looking forward to more positive results as I continue on my path to better health with Dr. Risk’s help!