F.M. - Cochrane, AB

For some reason I haven't been able to discuss my journey with Lyme, other than my practitioners and very few family members it's been a solitary journey. I knew that I had been bitten by something Feb 01, 2014. We winter in California and as I am in the yard constantly as an avid gardener, I was warned about rattlesnakes and black widow spiders. Ticks had never been on my radar! I thought this was something people worried about on the east coast.

Almost immediately I began having symptoms, fever and dizziness, I put this down to a possible heat stroke. Throughout the next weeks my symptoms came rapidly, insomnia, allergy reactions to some foods and alcohol, loss of balance, joint and muscle pain, ringing in my ears, hot flashes, irritability etc., insomnia being by far the worse!

Within several weeks of returning to Canada, I read an article in our local paper regarding a local rancher that had been misdiagnosed with MS, travelling to Europe for treatments. He was now being treated for Lyme, his list of symptoms were exactly what I was experiencing. I went to my family Dr., and voiced my concerns. I was given the standard blood test in Canada, the results came back negative. To follow up I was given a course of antibiotics, I was told that I should not dwell on the Lyme issue as it would only bring me mental stress!

I immediately went to the Internet and there I found Dr. Risk’s website. Because of a cancellation in her busy schedule and the help of her great staff I was in her office by May. I was put at ease by the fact that Dr. Risk had herself been misdiagnosed and through this began her goal to help others suffering with Lyme. The fact that I was able to find a Lyme Literate Practitioner so close was only a bonus.

My treatment started with a lab test sent to the IGenex lab in California, there very specific markers are recognized as being Lyme. Dr. Risk also started treatment based on my specific symptoms and using BioMeridian testing which tested the level of my body's health. By the time this was started I felt like I had a colony of ants attacking my brain, quite possibly the worst of symptoms as the bacteria actually do feed on the brains nerves. I started on a herbal microbial treatment to deal with the bacteria and also with numerous supplements to help rebuild my immune. The killing off of the bacteria is done slowly so that there is minimal detoxing. I felt that because of Dr. Risks gentle approach I had minimal detox reactions but could feel the results of the treatment almost immediately. I was able to start sleeping through the night, my balance began to improve and I could see an improvement in every area of discomfort. In most cases I can claim 100 percent improvement. It has been 2 years and this to many Lyme sufferers would be minimal.

I spend a great deal of time reading articles and testimonials and realize how much work is needed in research as this disease is now becoming an epidemic worldwide. Lyme is not being acknowledged by the medical and government bodies. People are being misdiagnosed with autoimmune diseases, receiving the wrong treatments, suffering for years and therefore becoming chronic Lyme suffers.

For the most part other than a rigid schedule of medications and a somewhat restricted diet, I can say that I can go through the day and not think about my Lyme. I have been so blessed to find Dr. Risk and to be able to start a treatment plan that has worked for me in such a short time.

My reason for writing this is that I feel the need to share my experience and hopefully get more people that may be misdiagnosed into treatment. Thank you Dr. Risk!