C.L. - Fredericton, NB

I found out about Dr. Risk - it seemed through a fluke. I had sent an article about Lyme Disease to my Aunt because I felt she didn't understand what I was going through. She emailed back - "Did you call that doctor?". And I thought - what doctor? It look me a minute to realize she was referring to Dr. Risk's advertisement which was on the side of the page. It said she was in Calgary, which was nearby where I was in Banff, so I called right away.

On the first phone call the receptionist explained how Dr. Risk used something called a Biomeridian machine, which would be able to tell me, for certain, if I had Lyme disease. Up until that point no one had been able to tell me that, for sure. It sounded too good to be true, but the enthusiasm of the receptionist convinced me.

I was shocked (in a good way) at my first appointment that Dr. Risk, unlike anyone else, was able to tell me that I did have Lyme disease, and the co-infections I had.

She has been empathetic, kind, assuring, and strong throughout the whole practice, and I count myself so lucky to have found her. I really think she has saved my life, and has definitely changed it, and has helped me to get on the road to recovery.

I have encouraged my family to go see her as well, and she is able to tell everyone how their general health is, through concrete information that she graphs, and has been able to help all of us in different ways.

Thank you Dr. Risk!