C.F. - Regina, SK

I became extremely ill in 2009 at the young age of 27. I had spent an incredible amount of money in search of a diagnosis and treatment as the medical system in Saskatchewan failed to help me! I was in a horrible state of health....on my death bed!

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease September of 2012. I was that patient who was falling through the cracks! I was given Dr. Risk’s information and decided to explore treatment options with her in 2014. She was the first doctor I connected with that actually understood all my symptoms pain and suffering! I felt very comfortable in her care and began to trust and have faith that I could conquer Lyme. I was no longer going to fall through the cracks!

I have been on a treatment plan for past 2 years and likely will need a few more to get my body back to a healthy state. For some this would seem like an eternity but for me I see the light! I see and feel all the positive changes happening as I regain my health. I understand the need to move slow with the treatment at a pace best suited to me allowing my body to heal.

Dr. Risk has a wonderful team in her office who are very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. They are always available to help and answer any questions. I am excited to continue working with Dr. Risk and her wonderful team to restore my health so I can return to a positive healthy lifestyle that I deserve!

A big Thank you to Dr. Risk and her wonderful team for shedding some light! I have faith and certainty that I can heal all that ills me!