B.H. - Calgary, AB

I originally went to see Rebecca Risk, for my son, as he had a very bad cough for months on end and the doctors were saying that it was exercise induced asthma and gave us puffers but I was not willing to believe that that was the issue. Candida came up as an issue and we avoided as much sugar as possible and took the protocol that Dr. Risk suggested; within 2 months his persistent cough has disappeared by 90%, so we went in for an Acutonics session and after that, it went away completely.

I was so impressed by my son’s first appointment, that I made appointments for my other 2 sons and myself. My youngest son has always been a challenge and his issues, that came up were candida, and a parasite. Within a month and a half of the protocol prescribed, he began waking up a different and happy child!! That had never happened before, so I knew that something resolved!!! I was incredibly grateful, as I am falling in love all over again, with this sweet boy!