B.B. - Vancouver, BC

I don’t have a testimonial to offer in terms of achieving “Infinite Health” because I’m too new as a patient. However, I do have something important to say that might resonate with someone else who is currently in a state of despair, or perhaps feeling hopeless, which was was the case for me up until a month ago. That’s when I discovered Dr Risk’s video on Lyme Disease.

I have been suffering terribly from Lyme disease for nearly 4 years. I did NOT receive a proper diagnosis for the first 3 years, and once I did, I was given the standard protocol treatment for Lyme Disease, which calls for antibiotics.

I was told at the outset that this treatment would likely make me very sick, which turned out to be an UNDERSTATEMENT. It was much worse than anything I had ever experienced before, including aggressive chemotherapy for stage 3B cancer. In fact, my Hex response to the antibiotics was so severe that I had to quit the treatment after only 3 days.

So after this, I sunk into a deep hole of despair. Since the standard protocol was unbearable for me, I felt my case was hopeless, and that I would have to live the rest of my days in misery and depression.

But when I learned about Dr Risk’s approach to treating Lyme Disease, I felt like I had hope again. I’m only 3 weeks into my detox and things are going well. In short, if you have lyme disease and you’ve had a similar experience with antibiotics, then there are 3 important reasons why you should consider becoming a patient of Dr Risk.

  2. Dr. Risk’s approach to the use of Herbal Microbials is to introduce them to your body “gradually”, so that your body doesn’t get “slammed”. It’s a gentle, “easy does it” progression. So far, this has worked really well for me. I was terrified of going through another experience like the one that I had with Antibiotics, so learning about Dr Risk’s approach BEFORE I started treatment took a HUGE load off my mind. This “easy does it” approach may take a little longer than the “BODY SLAM” method, but for me, this method is like a picnic compared to the “nightmare experience” I had with antibiotics.
  3. Both Dr Risk and her assistant are really nice people. I’ve seen a lot of doctors in my lifetime. Many of them lacked “people skills”. I have found Dr Risk and her assistant, Ciara, to be very pleasant, helpful, and compassionate people. The last thing you need when you’re sick is a cold-hearted doctor and/or a miserable assistant. You won’t find either one of “those types” here.

They get five stars from me, a guy who has seen more than his fair share of medical professionals for over 60 years.