Dr. Rebecca Risk

TCMD, R.Ac., S.C.
The Sanskrit word Ananta means "infinite" or "without limit."

Dr. Rebecca Risk is the sole owner and practitioner at Ananta Health, where she defines her work with her patients as helping them achieve "infinite health". Dr. Risk applies traditional Chinese medicine principles while using modern technology to help her patients overcome health obstacles and determine the root of their chronic health problems. Dr. Risk uses her training to relate to the technology of the BioScan SRT test. The use of acupuncture points during the BioScan SRT testing allows the test to best measure weakness (degeneration) and stress (inflammation). By taking these measurements in the body using these points, an accurate overview of stress in the body is obtained.

Dr. Risk graduated from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) in 2006. She is trained in Chinese herbology, dietary therapy, acupuncture, and BioScan SRT testing. She is also a certified Supplement Consultant from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in New Jersey. 

From 2015-2020, Dr. Risk hosted a radio show titled "Falling Through the Cracks" where every week, she would speak with guests from many different walks of life - from chronic illness experts to real-life survivors - that offer tools and advice for others in similar situations, spreading the belief that you can learn to thrive rather than just survive. Dr. Risk has dedicated her life to guiding those who have "fallen through the cracks" of the Westernized healthcare system in their journey of pursuing infinite health and wellness.