Episode 74 Wired to Eat with Robb Wolf

“All disease begins in the gut,” -Hippocrates

Do you know how you are wired to eat? Have you tried “one size fits all” diets and still find yourself back where you started or worse? Robb Wolf lays out a 7-Day Carb Test to help you find how you are “Wired to Eat.”. With confusion around Paleo eating, Robb uses the most leading-edge research available to lay out an easy to follow plan to help regain and maintain health.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Can you tell us about the journey that lead up to you writing this book?
  • What does Wired to Eat mean?
  • What is a paleo diet?
  • Who is this diet for?
  • Are there studies supporting this diet?
  • Why does it have the reputation of being high in meat?
  • How does this help health problems and weight loss?
  • Is this diet one size fits all?
  • What are the four pillars of health?
  • How can someone get started?
  • Why do most people fail at diets?
  • Are all calories the same?
  • What’s palate fatigue?
  • How important is digestion?
  • What is the gut microbiome?
  • How can things go wrong for our gut?
  • How does insulin affect us in weight loss?
  • What is leptin?
  • How does cortisol play a roll?
  • What is calorie restriction or fasting?
  • What is ketosis?
  • What is autoimmunity?
  • How important is sleep?
  • What is stress?
  • What does it mean to moralize food?
  • What’s the 30 day reset?
  • How can someone get started?
  • What’s phase 2?
  • What’s phase 3?
  • Do you have any words for someone wanting to maintain this long terms?
  • How can someone get aholdof you/your book?