Episode 20 Vision of Health with Dr. Marc Grossman

We are all aware that our vision can deteriorate as we get older. In fact, it’s accepted that we will be wearing glasses at some point in our lives. But the idea that our vision is fluid may not be something you’ve thought about. Dr. Marc Grossman believes that our vision has the ability to improve and need not deteriorate. The author of several books, and national lecturer, he is sharing some of his trade secrets with us on this upcoming show.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did you get into Chinese medicine
  • What lead you into becoming so passionate about vision?
  • Is there some basics that you start with for vision issues?
  • Do you look just at doing exercises, or do you look at the health of the entire body?
  • What are some basic nutritional advice that helps with vision?
  • Do you find certain personalities tied to certain vision issues?
  • What emotions do you see affect eye sight?
  • Is there certain hygiene that we should be aware of when it comes to our eyes?
  • Can you explain what you would do for macular degeneration?
  • How are you able to help glaucoma?
  • Are you able to help with floaters?
  • Dry eyes are a very common issue, and I believe the only solution offered is synthetic tears.  Are you able to offer a different alternative?
  • Generally for cataracts people would get surgery, are you able to help them prevent that?
  • What does posture have to do with vision?
  • What are some of your basic exercises that you recommend?