Episode 92 Vision for Life with Meir Schnider

We are told that failing eye sight is part of getting older. We do corrective surgery, wear glasses and contacts and complain about our aging body. But what if that isn’t true? After reversing his own blindness that he was born with, Meir Schneider has created a program to help you gain “Vision for Life.”

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Can you tell us your own struggles with vision?
  • How did you discover that you could improve your eye sight?
  • What changes do you see with people who do the exercises?
  • Are these exercises only for people who have impaired vision?
  • What are some conditions that you have worked with and seen changes with?
  • How does our overall health affect our eyes?
  • Is there a disadvantage at looking at a computer screen all day?
  • How can we make looking at a computer easier?
  • Where do corrective lenses fit into all this?
  • Do we have a dominant eye, like we have a dominant hand?  How important is this?
  • What is the long swing?
  • What is sunning?
  • What is palming?
  • How does breathing affect our sight?
  • What can you do for cataracts?
  • What can you do for glaucoma?
  • After someone corrects their vision, how should they maintain it?
  • Is there a way that someone can get ahold of you/website/book if they want more info?