Episode 10 True Hope with Anthony Stephan

Those with Mental Health disorders often find themselves in a viscous cycle of dealing with the depression, anxiety or mood fluctuations that affect them day to day, as well as medication and its side effects. The touching story of True Hope founder Anthony Stephan has changed many lives. The empowerment of the supplement regimes he has created has pulled the pieces together and is offering hope. We will hear this story, and learn what it has inspired him to do so save his family and help others around the world.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Can you tell us the story about True hope? 
  • How much did your wife struggle with Bi-polar?
  • What were the medications like? Side effects are generally difficult
  • How were your children affected?
  • How are your children now?
  • How did you get into making the vitamin formula?
  • It seems as though it is an extensively researched product, can you tell us a bit about what has come up in the studies?
  • What conditions can it be used to treat?
  • Is someone able to transition off their medication?
  • You have a helpline for this?  How does someone use that?