Episode 24 Troubling Dichotomy In Health Care with Dr. Larry Altshuler

Dr. Larry Altshuler has noticed a troubling dichotomy in the world of American health care. While the scope and depth of medical knowledge has expanded exponentially, actual improvement in the overall health of patients and the delivery of services has not kept pace, and too many patients still suffer.

Drawing from his years of experience and expertise in preventive, alternative and conventional medical therapies, Dr. Altshuler guides American health care consumers through the dysfunctions of the system to help them obtain the best possible care from medical professionals. His book, “Doctor, Say What?” empowers people to understand and navigate the health care delivery system in order to advocate for themselves or loved ones. He breaks down what works—and what doesn’t—to protect people from wasting their precious resources and suffering needlessly.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did you get involved in educating people about health care?
  • What does it mean to become empowered in health care?
  • In your book you mention that we only get proper health care 50% of the time.  Can you tell us what that means?
  • How can a person become empowered about their health?
  • How can someone choose the right doctor or health care provider for them?
  • What dysfunctions in the health care system can prevent someone from getting the care they need?
  • How can someone choose their own treatment?
  • What influences are there that dictate a person’s care?
  • What is prevention?
  • What factors can get in a person’s way when it comes to prevention?
  • How can someone find the best treatments available to them?
  • How important is an integrative approach to health care?
  • What should people expect form their doctor or health care provider?
  • What is the “More is better” attitude?
  • How can alternative medicine be used in conjunction with health care?
  • How does someone go about finding what is right for them?
  • What advice can you give our listeners for how to start to feel empowered in their own health care.

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