Episode 7 The Orchestration Of Health with Baja Medgate

When dealing with chronic illness, we are often forced to look outside the box so that we don’t fall through the cracks.  Baja Medgate is a health and wellness clinic in Mexico that focuses on individualized treatments for those suffering from chronic illnesses

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What are your own personal journey’s that have made you so passionate about helping others? 
  • How did Baja MedGate get started?
  • Where is the clinic situated?
  • It is unfortunate that patients in North America do feel that they have to travel for treatments.  This is a common story that I hear for those who are suffering from chronic illnesses.  I’m wondering what sort of patients do you see?
  • What does a person go through when they come to see you?
  • How are they cared for while they are staying with you?
  • How do you tailor their treatment to suit them?
  • What ways do you look at the immune system?
  • How do you help people with detoxing?
  • What therapies do you offer?
  • What are the lymphatic sessions that you offer?
  • What does ozone therapy look like?
  • Can you tell me about hyperthermia treatment?
  • Do you do IV therapy?
  • What do you do for dental issues? / Biodentistry?
  • How does stem cell therapy work?
  • What illnesses does it work best for?
  • What do you do for inflammation?
  • We talked last week about Lyme disease, and I know that you treat it? What specialized treatments do you do for Lyme disease?
  • What results do you see with cancer and your treatments?
  • What amazing things do you see happen to people after they go through these journeys?
  • After people leave you, how do they follow up with care?
  • How can people get a hold of you?