Episode 71 The Metabolic Theory of Cancer with Travis Christopherson

With one in two men, and one in three women at risk of getting cancer in their life time, there is a lot of fear around this disease. We still don’t understand how it works, or how to beat it. In his book “Tripping over the Truth,” Travis Christofferson lays out the history of cancer and its treatments. Leaving us with hope, and discussing it in this interview, he brings forth the metabolic theory of cancer, and how we can treat it.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • Can you tell us what cancer is?
  • How likely are we to get cancer?
  • What is the “war on cancer?”
  • How successful has this war been?
  • Do we understand what causes cancer?
  • Is cancer a genetic disease?
  • What are some theories we have cancer?
  • What is chemotherapy?
  • How does chemotherapy treat cancer?
  • Is there a correlation between shrinking a tumor and extending life?
  • What is 3BP?
  • What is the metabolism of cancer?
  • How are mitochondria related to this?
  • How do injured mitochondria lead to uncontrolled proliferation?
  • Have there been studies to support this theory?
  • What does calorie restriction do?
  • What are ketone bodies?
  • What is the ketogenic diet?
  • What does the diet do to cancer?
  • How does looking at cancer as a metabolic disease change the paradigm of treatment?
  • What does the keto diet look like?
  • How is fasting part of it?
  • How can someone get started?
  • How can someone contact you or find your book/website?