Episode 11 The Five Elements of Hormones with Dr. Ashley Abbs

Five element theory is one of the major systems used in Chinese Medicine to diagnose, treat and recover connections within the body, organ systems and environment. Dr. Ashley Abbs uses the theories of wood, fire, water, wind, and earth to help direct her in her acupuncture, herbal and lifestyle advice for those struggling with fertility or hormone imbalances. She will explain her gentle approach to find where the imbalances are in a patient’s life.


Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Can you tell us what drew you to treating fertility?
  • When people talk about hormones, they often think about hormone replacement therapy, how do you feel about synthetic hormones?
  • What exactly are the five elements?
  • What are the five elements of hormones?
  • Can you tell us the basics for the elements?
  • What are the signs for each element?
  • How does someone figure out their element?
  • How do you use the elements to help find someone balance?
  • What is infertility?
  • What hormone imbalances do you see the most for fertility?
  • Is there always a hormone imbalance when people come to see you for fertility issues?
  • This must be when the five element theories are so useful?
  • We should explain what hormone imbalances look like, I think the most commonly known is PMS.   Can you tell us a bit about how you view that?
  • What other common hormone imbalances do you see?
  • What are symptoms of endometriosis? What does that look like with five elements?
  • How can someone recognize polycystic ovarian syndrome?
  • What does do you need to balance when you see that?
  • You must also see issues with follicle stimulation hormone with fertility treatment?  What does that look like?
  • Do you recommend anything for self care?