Episode 103 The Big Fat Surprise With Nina Teicholz

In the 1970’s the low fat diet became national policy, backed by the American Heart association and nutritionists. With growing evidence, we are now realizing the damage that has been done by avoid fats for decades. In her book “The Big Fat Surprise”, Nina Teicholz goes over the history of fat, low fat and the studies behind it all. Join us for this riveting episode.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • When did heart disease start to become a problem in our society?
  • Do we know why?
  • What is our conventional idea about fat?
  • How did the low fat fad come about?
  • What fats have been considered “bad?”
  • Does dietary cholesterol increase cholesterol in our blood?
  • Has cutting out dietary fat helped us reduce heart disease?
  • Does the kind of fat we eat matter?
  • Do low fat diets help us lose fat?
  • Have there been any problems with studies on fat that have influenced how we view it?
  • How have we done on a low fat diets?
  • What is the flawed science of saturated vs unsaturated fats?
  • How did we come to consume vegetable oils?
  • What oils are best for us?
  • How do carbohydrates affect us?
  • How does sugar affect things?
  • What is the scientific evidence against red meat?
  • When did our views start to change about fat?
  • What should people do now?
  • How can someone get more info/your book/website?