Episode 23 T-Tapping Your Metabolism with Teresa Tapp and Mary Shomon

Have you been eating healthy and exercising but finding you are still not losing weight? Mary J. Shomon and Teresa Tapp have created a system to work fully on your metabolism by assessing your thyroid, and working out in an easy to follow and short time frame. In this episode Mary J. Shomon focuses on thyroid and hormonal imbalances, and advocates for others with her book “The Thyroid Diet Revolution”. Teresa Tapp’s T-Tapp is the workout that works! With easy to follow instructions, and movements that support hormones, flush the lymphatics and reduce inflammation, people are seeing amazing results.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How many people have thyroid problems?
  • What are symptoms of hypothyroidism?
  • In your book you state Hashimotos is the most common thyroid issue.  Can you tell us about that?
  • Is it difficult to get the thyroid tested and find issues with it?
  • What I love about your book is that you are looking at the body as a being very complex, which I think we’re trained not to think that way. 
  • How does someone go about treating their thyroid?
  • Is there a certain diet to help the thyroid?
  • I love how this is tailored to the person, and not just one strict fad diet.
  • Can you tell us about T-Tapp?
  • How did you get into doing this?
  • I love how simple it is
  • You talk about how it helps balance hormones, what do you mean by this?
  • A lot of my patients and listeners have been through long term chronic illness.  From personal experience it’s very hard to get back into exercise.  When I was coming out of my own illness of years of Lyme disease, I would look at tapes and classes and never be able to do more than five minutes.  I can see how even five minutes of T-Tapp is beneficial!
  • How long does it take to see results?
  • How do you ask people to implement both these strategies together?
  • Is there an example that you can share with us about how well this works?