Episode 38 Sugar Addiction with Nancy Appleton

No one in mainstream America knew to ask if diet could affect my health. None of the doctors ever asked me, “What do you put in your mouth?”

-Nancy Appleton

After being sick for years, and taking various medications, Nancy Appleton PhD realized that sugar addiction was at the root cause of her symptoms. It is estimated that each person consumes 150lbs of sugar a year! Since sugar is in most packaged foods, drinks and sauces, addiction is common, and the amount we are eating isn’t always known. In Nancy Appleton’s book “Suicide By Sugar” she explains the effects sugar has on a person’s health, as well as the difficulty of this addiction. Tune in to learn what sugar is doing to your health, and how to quit.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did you get involved with writing about sugar addiction?
  • What exactly are we talking about we say “sugar”?
  • What has changed about sugar in our society over the last 100 years?
  • Where are people getting all this sugar in their diet?
  • Why is it so hard to quit sugar?
  • How can someone go about quitting sugar?
  • There is a lot of press about diets, and I know that some nutritionist and dieticians feel that some sugar is ok.  How do you feel about this advice?
  • What do the statistics say about how sugar affects us?
  • What is actually happening in our body when we consume sugar?
  • How is this affecting our immune system?
  • How can this affect our heart?
  • How does this relate to diabetes and obesity?
  • What other health affects can it have on us?
  • How can we go about cutting out sugar and dealing with the addiction?
  • What are “safe” sugar substitutes?
  • What happens when we start to cut down and quit sugar?
  • When talking about sugar, a lot of people go to avoid fruit as well, what is your advice on this?
  • Is there somewhere someone can find a meal plan or guidance of where to start with this?
  • Where can people reach you for questions/access to your books?