Episode 94 Roundup and You with Carey Gillam

There is rising awareness and demand for organic foods and less chemicals. This interview with Carey Gillam, author of “Whitewash” goes deep into the science of Monsanto’s roundup, and what it means for you, your family and the future.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Got you interested in researching about Monsanto and roundup?
  • Can you tell us who Monsanto is?
  • What is roundup?
  • Can you give us a brief history of glyphosate?
  • What have we been told over the last 40 years about this herbicide?
  • In reading your book, you talk about how it was easier for farmers to use the roundup with “roundup ready” crops.
  • Why did they need to use these crops with roundup over regular crops?
  • What did patented seeds mean for farmers?
  • What do we know now about the effects of roundup?
  • Have there been illnesses linked to roundup?
  • How prevalent is the herbicide in our environment now?
  • How much of it makes it into our food?
  • What does this mean for us?
  • Why is this not being taken as seriously as it should be?
  • In a world where we blindly trust “the people in charge” to protect us this all seems really out of place.
  • What is the debate about Monsanto products ending hunger in Africa?
  • What are super weeds? How do they affect farming?
  • How is roundup affecting insects?  What does this mean for us?
  • What steps can people take to make sure they are limiting their family’s exposure to glyphosate?
  • What can people do in the bigger scheme to make sure that their environment is being protected?