Episode 28 Lyme Disease - Rain on a Distant Roof with Vanessa Farnsworth

Although Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic in Canada, it continues to be ignored by the medical system. Vanessa Farnsworth, author of “Rain on a Distant Roof: A Personal Journey Through Lyme Disease in Canada” shares her story. Lyme sufferers everywhere can relate to the dismissal of doctors, ignorance of the disease, and being told that the debilitating symptoms are “all in your head”. May is Lyme awareness month. Join us Monday for the first of four in a series of Lyme centric episodes to bring awareness and information about this misunderstood disease.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What made you write the book about Lyme?
  • How did your Lyme story start?
  • What symptoms were you experiencing?
  • Can you tell us a bit about what exactly Lyme disease is?
  • How were you diagnosed?
  • What were doctor reactions to the diagnosis?
  • How were you treated for the infection?
  • Did the treatment help your symptoms?
  • Did the symptoms get better after treatment?
  • What other options did you look into?
  • Why do you think doctors weren’t open to talking to you about your Lyme diagnosis?
  • Did you ever get your appointment with the infectious disease specialist?
  • You mention in your book how many reported cases of Lyme there are in Canada, is this accurate?
  • Why do you think cases go unreported?
  • How common is the target rash?
  • You were actually one of the lucky ones, in that you got a positive test for Lyme.  How accurate are the tests in Canada?
  • Does two to four weeks of antibiotics cure Lyme?
  • If doctors are so reluctant to acknowledge Lyme, how do people get treatment?
  • Is Lyme disease spreading?
  • How can people protect themselves?