Episode 109 Living With Chronic Illiness With Illana Jaqueline

When you’re chronically ill it’s very lonely. Sometimes days aren’t what you planned. Sometimes you just can’t get up. Sometimes you just can’t meet your friend, or go for dinner. Sometimes it’s the pain. Sometimes it’s overwhelming fatigue. The “sometimes” are hard to explain, and since you can’t see the “sometimes”, it’s hard to get anyone to understand. Ilana Jacqueline shares her own journey coping with a chronic illness in her book “Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness” and helps others find their way in their most vulnerable moments.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • Cana you tell us about your illness and journey?
  • What is an invisible chronic illness?
  • What does it mean to accept an illness?
  • How can someone cope with shame of an illness?
  • Do you have advice for the depression and anxiety people experience?
  • How can we explain our illness to our family and friends?
  • Is there a certain way you explain your disease that makes it easier for others to understand?
  • Is it common for the illness to be misunderstood or unaccepted?
  • Is it important to have support?
  • How can someone reach out for help?
  • How can we remain independent when we need help and can’t function the same as everyone else?
  • How are relationships affected by illness?
  • How can we maneuver around work and school?
  • How can we be our own advocate with our health care and doctors?
  • How do you know which doctors to trust?
  • Is it common for doctors to be unable to reach a diagnosis?
  • Is there any last advice you have for those who are looking at a lifetime of chronic illness?  Where should they start?
  • How can someone get more info/your book/website?