Episode 45 How I Gave Up Dieting And Got A Life with Kelsey Miller

Kelsey Miller took on a life changing challenge to embrace a new way of eating. In a society that pressures women to look a certain way, she definitely felt this pressure while growing up. She took years of yo-yo dieting and poor body image, and decided to face her fears and recreate her relationship with food. She embraced “Intuitive Eating” and went on the arduous journey to train herself to listen to what her body needed and craved, instead of binge eating, fad diets and late night purges. In her book “Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life” Kelsey lays out the struggles of this journey.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What brought you to write this book?
  • Can you tell us when you first went on a diet?
  • How do you think this affected you at such a young age to feel restrictions on food?
  • Can you explain the feelings of shame that you had around food?
  • You were sexually abused as a child, did this also play into the eating disorders that you developed?
  • Can you explain what yo-yo dieting is, and how this affected you?
  • Can you explain what your body image was like?
  • You talk in your book about anxiety, and sometimes OCD, were these a big part of what was going on?
  • As a “Big Girl” how do you feel you were treated compared to other people?
  • I am interested in the society pressures that you felt to look a certain way, did this pressure come from more than just your mother and your own self?
  • How did your weight and body image affect your social and romantic life?
  • What made you finally decide to try “intuitive eating?”
  • What is “intuitive eating?”
  • How was this different from what you were doing before?
  • You did seek help from a professional, and I am curious if you think you could have done this one your own, or if you felt her insight was invaluable to you?
  • What has been the result of embracing this lifestyle?
  • How do you feel about food now?
  • Has anything else in your life changed as a result?
  • I’m sure a lot of people are curious if this has been another fad diet for you, or if you feel this is a long term change?
  • Is there a way that people can reach you if they have any questions, or get further information?