Episode 66 Hot Detox with Julie Daniluk

“Set your life on fire.  Seek those who fan your flames.”


Digestion is the core to good health; it’s where we absorb nutrients and control inflammation with healthy choices. Julie Daniluk has created a detox program that supports digestive fire using anti-inflammatory foods and ayrvedic techniques. Discussing her book “Hot Detox” learn how to fire up your digestion, balance body systems like hormones and increase weight loss.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What made you want to write this book?
  • Why is it called HOT detox?
  • When should people detox?
  • What is our digestive fire?
  • What does inflammation do to our bodies?
  • What is pH balancing?
  • How can we fuel the digestive fire?
  • What’s leaky gut?
  • How can cooking or pureeing help us digest better?
  • There is a lot of controversy over cold vs hot food, can you explain this a bit?
  • How can we balance hot and cold foods?
  • Why would someone choose to detox?
  • How important is digestion in detoxing?
  • Are there certain foods that we should eliminate that can cause inflammation?
  • How important is hydration?
  • How does fiber help us?
  • What are probiotics?
  • How do fermented foods help us?
  • How do oils help us?
  • How important is the liver in detoxification?
  • How important are the lymphatics?
  • How do the kidneys help detoxification?
  • How important are the lungs?
  • How does the skin help us detoxify?
  • What is the hot detox plan?
  • How can someone get started?
  • Are there foods people should avoid?
  • What does the cleanse look like?
  • What changes can people expect?
  • How can people maintain their health after the cleanse?
  • How can people get ahold of you/your book?