Episode 27 Holistic Health Care with an Intuitive Edge with Emil Faithe

Is your life making you sick? Has no one been able to help you feel better? Are the Medical Doctors baffled by your symptoms? Are you ready to get well?

Dr. Emil Faithe has worked with thousands of people across the globe, solving some of the most complicated and “mysterious” health issues around. He is able to sense organ imbalances and blocks, and help you clear and rebalance their function and vitality. He does get to the bottom of your health situation when others cannot.

In addition to his innate gift as a sensitive, Dr. Emil has over 30 years experience working in and around the confusing and complicated world of allopathic medicine. He has the knowledge and ability to tune into your energy field and detect deep-seated and subtle imbalances that are causing your symptoms.

If you’ve been to every doctor, been poked and prodded, had every test imaginable, taken every prescription medicine, and are still not feeling well, listen to this show, and call in for a reading with Dr. Emil and get to the source of your symptoms, today!

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did you get into healing?
  • What is a Medical Medium?
  • How does it work?
  • You talk a lot about sensitive people, what does that mean?
  • How can a sensitive person help themselves?
  • Is there a common pattern you are seeing among people in terms of health?
  • Where should someone start when dealing with a health problem?
  • How important is our gut in health?
  • Is there certain diet recommendations or issues that you commonly see more than others?
  • After dealing with diet what should someone do?
  • How does someone figure out what supplements they need?
  • Are there some supplements you think that are more commonly needed?
  • How does someone know that natural medicines are actually working?
  • What can someone do if they are tired?
  • How do emotions impact our health?
  • What can we do for them?
  • Sleep is often a big issue for people.  Do you see a common pattern if someone has insomnia or wakes a lot in the night?
  • How do our hormones affect us?
  • How can listeners get a hold of you?