Episode 18 Harmonious Vibrations: Acutonics with Ellen Franklin and Donna Carey

“Everything in life is vibration.”

-Albert Einstein

From the solar system to the smallest particle, everything in the Universe vibrates. If you’ve ever taken Chemistry, you will remember that everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are in constant motion. In fact, modern scientific research in Quantum Physics has proven that the Universe and everything in it is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. In the Eastern tradition the idea that sound is the generator of the universe is found in ancient texts from China as well as in the writings of the Vedas and Hindus. Acutonics was co-developed by Donna Carey, L.Ac. and has evolved over the past seventeen years through the combined efforts of Donna and Dr. Ellen F. Franklin. It is a modality that makes the basic principals of Oriental medicine accessible in a non-invasive way and provides an adjunct therapy that integrates beautifully into clinical practice.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did the acutonics system start?
  • Can you describe this system for me?
  • How did you find the frequencies that you use?
  • How did you discover the planet frequencies helped with healing?
  • How are we affected by the planets and these frequencies?
  • How does sound and music affect us?
  • What are the Ohm frequencies?
  • What is your favourite frequency?
  • With each frequency there are three different size tuning forks, can you explain what these are each for?
  • You also have hand chimes and gongs.  What do you use these for?
  • How did you realize that this was going to work so well with Chinese Medicine?
  • How exactly do you use the tuning forks in relation to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture?
  • What results do you see in clinic using the forks?
  • Have there been studies done on Acutonics?
  • How did you find the material to make your forks?
  • How is your education for acutonics set up?
  • How does the training work with people who aren’t already Chinese medicine practitioners?
  • How can someone find a practitioner?
  • How can someone help themselves if they can’t find someone near them?
  • How can someone get a hold of you?