Episode 84 Grief Recovery with Stephen Moeller

Grief and loss need no description. We have all felt it with the loss of a family member, a job, through illness or other life experiences. What we don’t realize is how ill equipt we are to deal with it. The Grief Recovery Institute has a clear laid out handbook that can help anyone see the happy memories and the brighter side of grief.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Can you tell us what grief is?
  • Is loss of a loved one the only time we grieve?
  • What does it mean to “recover” from grief?
  • What are common responses to grief?
  • Is there an appropriate time to seek help for grief?
  • Is there a way to approach grief in the cases of tragic circumstances?
  • Why aren’t we more prepared to deal with loss in our society?
  • Are there some pieces of misinformation that we all have heard about grief?
  • How are these harmful?
  • From personal experience, it seems that most people are just at a loss of what to do or say when someone is grieving.
  • What are helpful things we can say or do for someone that is grieving?
  • How does unresolved grief affect us?
  • How do we choose to recover?
  • The book mentions that grievers must recognize that others aren’t responsible for their feelings.
  • How is it helpful to find someone to help with grief?
  • What are short-term energy relievers?
  • What’s a loss history graph?
  • What is incompleteness?
  • What are some of the workbook thoughts on approaching grief?
  • How can someone get more information?