Episode 53 From Stress To Stillness with Gina Lake

Most people don’t always realize that their internal dialogue is contributing not only to their daily stress, but also how they react to it. Gina Lake’s book “From Stress to Stillness” takes us on an aided journey to find that inner peace we are all looking for. With helpful tips, and easy to understand explanations, we learn to understand our own internal thoughts, and how we can slowly turn the channel to a less stressful life.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What does from stress to stillness mean?
  • What made you want to focus on the topic of stress?
  •  Where does stress come from?
  • How does it affect us?
  • You talk in your book about how some of our thoughts are programming, what does that mean?
  • What are examples of this?
  • How does this affect us?
  • What’s the egoic mind?
  • What is awareness?
  • How can we find our way past the ego mind?
  • Are all our thoughts true?
  • Is everything we are thinking as important as it seems?
  • How do thoughts create desires?
  • You talk about the ego being a time-tyrant, can you explain this?
  • Is there a way we can create untrue thoughts about ourselves?
  • Are thoughts creating a different reality?
  • How does someone deal with self-criticism and self-doubt?
  • How can someone deal with a past stressful situation?
  • How can we overcome these thoughts?
  • What are some ways we can go about our day and not create stress?
  • What is the stillness channel?
  • How can we become more present?
  • How will this help us?
  • How does being grateful help us?
  • How does stillness help stress?
  • How can someone get started on this journey?
  • Is there a way someone can find you, a website etc?