Episode 2: Food For Thought with Dr. Casey Kohlman

This week, Dr. Risk is joined by another one of her colleagues, Dr. Casey Kohlman, a passionate advocate for wellness who found her calling in acupuncture after experiencing its profound healing effects firsthand. With nine years of experience, Dr. Kohlman embarked on a quest to share the natural approach of Chinese medicine with others. Graduating as a Licensed Acupuncturist from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Kohlman shares the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine, emphasizing the pivotal role of food in understanding health. She highlights how our gut health, constituting 80% of our immune system, plays a critical role in maintaining overall well-being. Listen in as we discuss the basics of Chinese medicine theory, shedding light on the common causes of digestive and health disharmonies, and offering insights into nurturing a holistic approach to wellness.

Topics in this episode:

  • Discussing what made Dr. Kohlman decide to study traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Discussing methods used in TCM, including those that use the tongue and pulse to determine the state the body is in.
  • Sharing adjustments that are commonly made to diet to rule out causes.
  • Sharing the most common causes of illnesses both Dr. Kohlman and Dr. Risk have seen in practice.
  • Discussing candida, its symptoms, and how to treat it using TCM methods.
  • Discussing parasites, symptoms, where you can get them from, and how to treat them using TCM methods.