Episode 197: The Power of Heart with Amy Bloch

Dr. Amy Bloch is a distinguished practitioner with 23 years of experience in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. Dr. Bloch's impressive academic journey includes attending Dartmouth, Yale University School of Medicine, and training at The Payne Whitney Clinic, New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. As a mother of four, she draws from her own life experiences, including facing a congenital brain condition diagnosis for her newborn daughter, to shape her approach to psychiatry. Dr. Bloch's profound shift from listening to the anxieties and "what ifs" of the brain to embracing the wisdom of the heart has been instrumental in her journey. In this interview, she shares insights from her book, "The Power of Heart," offering valuable guidance on how to tap into the transformative potential of one's own heart. Dr. Amy Bloch's wisdom serves as a beacon for those seeking to harness the power of their hearts and find a path to greater fulfillment and emotional well-being. 

Topics in this episode:

  • Discussing the meaning of being "heartstrong" and its implications in daily life.
  • Exploring the concept of "brain-based emotions" versus emotions connected to the heart, and how¬†mindfulness practices can integrate heart-centered awareness into daily emotional processing.
  • Discussing strategies to help us trust the heart's guidance amidst challenging or uncertain situations.
  • Exploring how mindfulness helps in recognizing and managing emotional responses, and sharing practical ways to combine mindfulness with heart-centered approaches during difficult situations.
  • Discussing how to distinguish and trust authentic feelings from conditioned responses.
  • Discussing the transformative potential of trusting the heart's guidance in making life decisions.