Episode 195 The Vagina Bible with Dr. Jen Gunter

After three decades as a gynecologist, Dr. Jen Gunter decided to debunk some of the myths surrounding the vagina and vulva.  In her book “The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and Vagina—Separating the myth from the medicine,” she clearly explains what’s up, or down for that matter.  In this interview she’s discussing basic anatomy, common myths and misconceptions, frank talk about the hymen and sex.  Tune in if you have a vagina, or know someone who does!

 Topics covered in this episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • Why did you feel there is a need to educate women on the basics of their vaginas?
  • What are some basics of the female anatomy?
  • What are some anatomy basics that are misunderstood the most?
  • Why do you think there is so much disinformation or vaginal shaming?
  • Do we know what the hymen is actually for?
  • What’s the proper way to clean the vagina?
  • What’s the pelvic floor and pelvic floor dysfunction?
  • What is a way we can talk to our doctors about problems we are having?
  • How often should we have a pelvic exam? Should it hurt?
  • What if sex hurts?  How can we approach this?
  • How can we choose the right contraceptive?
  • What are some myths you’d like to debunk?
  • How can someone get ahold of you/website/book?

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