Episode 160 Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse with Melanie Tonia Evans

After her own experiences in an abusive relationship, Melanie Tonia Evans decided to help others.  First, it can be difficult to spot a narcissistic relationship, and she has made the signs and symptoms very clear in.  Second, it can be difficult to leave the situation, either because of the damage the abuse has done to your frame of mind, or because you are stuck financially.  After leaving an abusive relationship, you then have to pick of the fragmented pieces of your life, and this is where Melanie’s work helps to put things back together.  In this interview, she is discussing her book “You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse.”


Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
    • What is narcissistic abuse?
    • How do you k ow you’re in a narcissistic relationship?
    • Can our childhood set us up for narcissistic relationships?
    • What are the five major signs of narcissism?
    • How does someone become a narcissist?
    • How does a narcissist survive?
    • Why do some people seem to attract narcissists?
    • What happens to a person when they are abused?
    • How do we become trauma bonded with a narcissist?
    • What is the first step in “thriver” healing?
    • How can we go “no contact?”
    • How is visualization helpful?
    • How can we release painful emotions?
    • How can we “release the illusion of this person as my source of self?”
    • How can we forgive ourselves?
    • How can we “release and heal the pain of injustice and betrayal?”
    • How can we let go of the need to win?”
    • How can we move past being responsible for the narcissist?
    • How can we connect to our own spiritual empowerment?
    • How can we move past fear of the narcissist?
    • How can we release and heal the connection to the narcissist?
    • How can we continue healing into the next generation?