Episode 159 Super Ager with Elise Marie Collins

Elise Marie Collins is one of America’s top yoga and mindfulness teachers.  Int his interview, she is revealing her secrets and wisdom on optimal aging.  Her book “Super Ager” is an Amazon bestseller, and is full of tips on aging gracefully, including brain fitness, memory maintenance, foods, vitamins and disease prevention.  In this interview Collins is sharing a bold new paradigm of aging, teaching us to increase not only our lifespan but also our health span. 

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
    • What is a super ager?
    • What is aging?
    • What is Ayurvedic medicine?
    • How is finding your purpose important?
    • What is ikigai?
    • How does positive thinking help?
    • What are telomeres? 
    • What makes us age?
    • How do we change habits?
    • How is exercise related to aging?
    • How is our diet important?
    • How is fasting helpful?
    • How are friends and family important?
    • How is sleep important?
    • How important is relaxing?
    • How can we increase our mental capacity as we age?
    • How is meditation important for aging?
    • Are there any natural remedies that are helpful for aging?
    • Any last tips for anyone wanting to get started on living longer?
  • How can someone get ahold of you/website/book?