Episode 158 Vegan Starter Kit with Dr. Neal Barnard

With growing information about our need to cut back on meat, a lot of people are left confused as to what to do if they make changes to their diet.  Dr. Neal Barnard has put together a thorough, yet simple guide to being vegan in his book “The Vegan Starter Kit.”  In this interview he addresses protein concerns, myths of veganism and how to get the proper nutrition.  

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
    • What is a vegan diet?
    • What reasons do people choose a vegan lifestyle?
    • What health benefits does it have?
    • How is cholesterol affected?
    • How is blood pressure afffected?
    • How is diabetes affected?
    • How does it related to cancer?
    • What foods does someone eat in a vegan diet?
    • What does a vegan do about protein?
    • Is it possible to get all the nutrients you need without meat and dairy?
    • Is being a vegan hard to do?
    • A lot of people are avoiding carbs, which there are a lot of in a vegan diet, wouldn’t people gain weight?
    • Is it expensive to be vegan?
    • Isn’t it hard if you are athletic to be vegan?
    • With the paleo and keto crazes at the moment, everyone seems to be saying we need more meat, what are your thoughts?
    • Are there supplements someone should take if they are vegan?
    • Should we be worried about calcium?
    • How can we be sure to get enough of the good fats?
    • What’s the first step you recommend to get started?
    • Is there anyone who shouldn’t be vegan or preganancy/ children/ illness?
    • Do you have tips for someone who’s busy to be able to meal plan?
    • How about eating out?
    • How about traveling?
    • What if the diet changes aren’t making the health changes someone wants? What should they do?