Episode 146 Low Dose Naltrexone with Linda Elsegood

After Low Dose Naltrexone helped Linda Elsegood with her progressive MS, she took it on as a personal mission to bring more information to the general public about this amazing drug.  She founded the LDN Research Trust, and is discussing her new book “The LDN Book: How a Little Known Generic Drug—Low Dose Naltrexone—could revolutionize treatment for Autoimmune diseases, Cancer, Autism, Depression and More” in this interview.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
    • What is low dose naltrexone?
    • What is the history of low dose naltrexone?
    • How does low dose naltrexone work on the body?
    • Are there side effects?
    • If affects opioids, how does this interfere with alcohol?
    • Does this have an affect on cbd oil?
    • What other pain medications should someone take with it if needed?
    • Why is it hard to get a prescription for it?
    • How does low dose naltrexone help with auto immunity?
    • How does it help with ms?
    • How does it help with lupus?
    • What affect does it have from chronic infections like Lyme and EBV?
    • How does it help with IBD?
    • How does it help thyroid disorders?
    • How does it help depression?
    • How does it help chronic fatigue?
    • How does it help fibromyalgia?
    • How does it help autism?
    • What affect does it have on cancer?
    • How can someone get ahold of you/website/book?