Episode 143 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Seth Gillihan

Depression and anxiety are on the rise, and most people are looking for solutions to deal with emotions that are overwhelming their lives. In Seth Gillihan’s new book Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple, he lays out a simple plan using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assess and understand your emotions and move forward from there.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • What is cognitive behavioural therapy?
  • How is CBT different from talk therapy?
  • What conditions does CBTВ  work for?
  • How does CBT emphasize collaboration and participation?
  • How does CBT define the problem?
  • why does CBT emphasize the present?
  • How can a patient use CBT to prevent a relapse of their problems?
  • How does CBT address negative thoughts?
  • Why are goals important?
  • How can we set about to achieve these goals using CBT?
  • What is behavioural activation?
  • What are negative automatic thoughts?
  • How can we address negative automatic thoughts with CBT?
  • What do you mean by core beliefs?
  • How can we change our core beliefs?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • How can we practice mindfulness?
  • How does procrastination fit in?
  • How can we overcome procrastination?
  • How can we address fear and anxiety?
  • How can we address anger?
  • How can someone get ahold of you/your book?