Episode 102 Dying With Dignity With Matt Vickers

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Lecretia Seales sought out legal battle to receive assistance to die from her family doctor. Her story sparked debate and a movement for an end of life bill in New Zealand. Her husband, Matt Vickers, is discussing his book about this journey, as he continues to advocate for assisted dying.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Can you tell me about Lecretia before she was sick?
  • What was her work like as a lawyer?
  • What was your marriage like?
  • How did you find out about her cancer?
  • How did her illness progress?
  • When did she become involved in her work with Assisted Death?
  • How did she come to this decision?
  • Were you concerned that people might think you were pushing Lecretia into this choice?
  • What is the difference between suicide and seeking help to die?
  • What happened in Oregon/Belgium/Netherlands when the passed an assisted death law?
  • Do some people believe this can be used as an excuse to push someone into death?
  • In areas where assisted death is legal, what are some of the parameters that need to be met before the decision can be made?
  • What was the outcome of Lecretia’s case?
  • How can someone get more information?