Episode 29 Lyme Disease - Cowden Protocol with Dr. Lee Cowden

For those diagnosed with Lyme Disease, the options for treatment can often be overwhelming. If you can get a prescription for antibiotics, will you be treated longer then the recommended three weeks that won’t clear out chronic Lyme bacteria? Among natural options is the Cowden Protocol, a series of herbs and supplements to deal with all facets of this complicated disease. Dr. Rebecca Risk credits this program with saving her life when her Lyme Disease was at its worse. She will be speaking with the creator of the Cowden Program, Dr. Lee Cowden to learn how it works. This is the second episode in May of four Lyme centric episodes for Lyme Awareness Month.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did you come to develop the Cowden Support program?
  • Can you tell is briefly what Lyme Disease is?
  • How is this infection traditionally treated?
  • How effective are antibiotics?
  • How does the Cowden Support Program work?
  • A lot of studies have been done on Samento, which is derived from cat’s claw.В  Can you tell us how it’s different and how it works?
  • Do these herbs only treat Lyme?
  • How do they help with biofilm and other forms the Lyme hides in the body?
  • Can the herbs be introduced with antibiotics?
  • In the cardiac chapter you wrote, you comment that too often doctors (or even patients) will focus only on treating the microbial infections, and ignore the patient.В  What does this mean?
  • A lot of questions I get when treating Lyme is “why am I on so much”, and your program does have a multitude of supplements.В  Why does there need to be so much?
  • In your Support program, you use tinctures labeled sulfur detox and have other aids, why is this necessary?
  • Why do you “pulse” the herbs?
  • When we’re talking about the other toxins in a person’s body, where are other places a person can get them aside from Lyme?
  • How do you reduce the amount of toxins in the body?
  • Is there any advice you have to someone suffering from Lyme who is not sure where to turn?
  • How can someone reach you if they have questions (ie email/web access)?