Episode 34 A Healthy House with Paula Baker-Laporte

With over 88 000 chemicals in our environment that are unregulated, this is an important topic for anyone. Our homes are our castles, and for those who are chronically ill, our safe havens. But what happens when our safe place is contributing to or causing our illness? Paula Baker-Laporte shares the information in her book “Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide For Architects, Builders & Homeowners.” Whether you are building a home or just a home owner wanting to buy a new couch, this show is informative of the dangers of the toxins associated with these decisions, and how to make more informed, healthy choices for your home, your family and of course, yourself.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How did you get involved in building healthy houses
  • Can you tell us what this means—having a healthy house?
  • Are there regulations for chemicals in building?
  • What is MCS?
  • Are chemicals linked to health problems?
  • Why has this started to become such a problem?
  • Is there an added cost to trying to be less toxic way?
  • What is indoor air pollution?
  • What are VOCs?
  • How do you know that your air quality is ok?
  • How can you improve air quality?
  • Where does someone start if they want to make their house less toxic?
  • How do you choose paints?
  • How can you check for mold?
  • What is radon?
  • Does flooring cause an issue?
  • Can furnishings cause an issue?
  • How do Electromagnetic fields affect us?

How does someone start to look at the things that can be affecting them?