Lyme Disease Treatment

The path to diagnose and treat Lyme Disease can be extremely complicated. Many patients with Chronic Persistent Lyme have suffered for a long time and have become very ill. Some people can start treatment quickly, while others need to take treatment a little slower. Not only does Lyme Disease need to be assessed clinically and via bloodwork, but it is accompanied by several other infections called co-infections. These infections are Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlicia, HPV, Mycoplasma fermentans (and other species), Powassan Virus, Q Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tick Paralysis, Tickborne Relapsing Fever, Tularemia and others.

ArminLabs in Germany is the leading lab to diagnose chronic and acute infections originating from tick-borne diseases and any accompanying co-infections. ArminLabs offers EliSpot testing with greater sensitivity and specificity at 94% than the conventional ELISA and immunoblot tests for Borrelia burgdorfi antibodies. In addition, ArminLabs offers B-cellular tests (Seraspot, IFT and ELISA), and NK-cell tests (CD57+, CD56+ and CD3-) in order to cover the complexities of suspected Lyme Disease and opportunistic co-pathogens.

These infections will all intermingle together and can create a confusing plethora of symptoms. Other complications of this illness are biofilm (an armour the bacteria will protect itself in), parasites and candida, neurotoxicity, heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, adrenal fatigue, other viruses and bacteria, along with the patient’s own genetics and specific situation.

At Ananta Health antibiotics are not used, but instead Lyme Disease and its complications are approached with anti-microbial herbs, Chinese Medicine, supplements and any other treatments the patient may need. Each case and treatment is individual1, and personalized according to the issues presented. It is dangerous to take this treatment quickly due to neurotoxicity2, and important to treat each issue as needed. Great care is made to ensure that everything is understood and that the patient leaves with a full wealth of knowledge about their treatment plan.

Provincial Health and Public health centres have difficulty diagnosing lyme, because of the flu-like symptoms, joint pains, neck stiffness, and bullseye rash. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may be at risk for lyme disease, contact us today. We specialize in the diagnosis of lyme, testing for lyme and the treatment for lyme disease. 

Dr. Risk has the great honour of interviewing some of the leading Lyme professionals in North America!  Listen to those interviews (more shows can be found here):



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