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Lyme Disease Across Canada

Since 2006 Dr. Risk has treated thousands of people with Lyme Disease around the world.  In Dr. Risk’s dedication to reach all those affected by Lyme Disease, she offers distant Lyme Disease treatments for those who are not in Calgary. The politics surrounding Lyme Disease in Canada are severe, include suffering patients being ignored by a system that is supposed to help them.  Unfortunately, until further research, recognition and compassion moves forward in Canada, those with this disease will continue to be neglected, and be written off by their doctors as “psychological” cases. The fact is, Lyme Disease is very real, and becoming an emerging epidemic in Canada.  Studies have shown that ticks are moving further north with the movement of animals such as white footed mouse, deer and following bird migration patterns. With climate change bringing rising temperatures, the ticks are able to survive, and leave a path of Lyme Disease in their wake. Places that were once untouched, are now endemic with the disease, and our system is slow to catch up with these natural changes.

Why Should I choose Treatment with Ananta Health?

Ananta Health is determined to reach all those affected by Lyme Disease, and offers a specialty not rivaled by others.  Dr. Risk’s own personal experience bring compassion and knowledge that is lacking in the traditional health care system. You can see her story here.  She has dedicated her life to helping those who have fallen through he cracks of our health care system, and her life and practice are there to help those suffering find wellness. 

Dr. Risk has set up a program to be able to reach those who are not in her neighborhood.  Using blood testing with Armin Labs in Germany, signs and symptoms and history, she takes each case on an individual basis, and treats her patients according to their individual needs.  

Who should consider Distant Treatment for Lyme Disease?

Those who do not live in Calgary, and are not able to travel (for at least the first appointment), or those who are bed ridden or unable to leave their homes can benefit from phone consultations to facilitate their treatment for Lyme Disease.  

How does Distant Treatment for Lyme Disease work?

First a few factors need to be determine.  Are you able to come in once for a visit to Ananta Health?  Have you already been diagnosed with Lyme? Do you have other testing or complications that can contribute to your illness?  

Scenario one: Visiting Ananta Health for your first visit, and then continuing to follow up by phone consultation.  

Many people like to come and meet Dr. Risk at least for the first appointment, although this is not necessary since we can even do our BioScan SRT testing without you being here! On the first visit Dr. Risk will assess the patients’ intake form and health history and look over any blood work and any testing that was performed, then come up with a treatment plan according to the patients’ specific case and history.  Blood work for Lyme Disease can then be discussed. For some patients, they will follow up on the phone from here on out, for some, they will visit the office once to twice a year to have a check up.  

Scenario two: Unable to visit Ananta Health due to distance or severity of illness.

Those who aren’t able to travel to Calgary, the first session can be done via phone consultation and BioScan SRT testing can be done with a hair sample (for more details go here).  Dr. Risk will spend an hour total, split into two half hour visits on different days. Before the first session, the patient will fill out an intake form with full history and send in any blood work or testing.  Dr. Risk then goes over the form, takes a history, and ends the appointment. On the second appointment, Dr. Risk has a full treatment plan laid out for the patient, including supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, as well as time to answer any questions.  Follow ups are then done on the phone. Lyme Disease testing/blood work can be discussing with our office, and assistance and information is given to aid the patient to be able to send their blood to Armin Labs in Germany. 

How Do Follow Ups Work?

Follow up visits are usually every six weeks, depending on the situation. In subsequent visits, the patient will speak to Dr. Risk on the phone relaying any changes in their current health status and moving forward in treatment. A visit can either just be a phone conversation, or the patient can send in a sample of their hair ahead of time to obtain an updated scan with the BioScan SRT.

How Can I Get Access to Supplements If I Don’t Live in Calgary?

Our office offers shipment of supplements if they are not obtainable in your area. You can either call  403.453.0272 or email to order from Ananta Health.  For those patients in the USA, we work closely with a clinic that uses the same supplements and can help you obtain what you need. 

How Many People has Ananta Health Treated by Distance for Lyme?

Dr. Risk has treated thousands of people for Lyme Disease, and about half of those have been by distance.  

Where Were people That You Treated for Lyme Disease?

Dr. Risk has treated patients across Canada, in the USA, South America, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia for Chronic Lyme Disease.  The herbs that are used in her treatment are easily accessible in most countries.  

How do I make an appointment?

If you are affected by Lyme Disease, please contact our office to set up your appointment.