Dr Casey Kohlman

Dr. Casey Kohlman has always cherished her creativity, at the age of 21 she started to learn the craft of felting and embellishment. This is one of the oldest fiber crafts known, as this became something she adored. Dr. Kohlman began to make hand made wearables and art with embroidery. Not knowing that her love of crafting with needles would one day lead her to another creative endeavor of helping people with the use of acupuncture needles.

When Dr. Casey Kohlman first left home, a whole new world opened to her. She was introduced to herbs and acupuncture and a more natural approach on how to heal the body. Growing up, she had lived in a household that wasn’t aware of the options that there are, and she found herself getting sick from her sister’s perfume and other chemicals in the house. This Chemical Sensitivity affected her moods and caused chronic hormonal imbalances that often lead to pain, and a deep depression at a young age. Throughout Dr. Kohlman’s journey she eventually started to work at a Wellness Centre where she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine. After treatment at this centre with herbs and acupuncture, she was surprised at how quickly she found relief.

Within her own health journey Dr. Casey developed an understanding that the mind and body need to be in balance. She was therefore lead further down her own career path as she became drawn to study the philosophies and foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine after three years Dr. Kohlman graduated as a Licensed Acupuncturist.

Dr. Casey Kohlman joined Ananta Health in 2014 and has become our lead acupuncturist. Since joining us she embraced the opportunity to train in BioMeridian assessment, supplement consulting, Autonomic Response Testing (ART) and Family Constellations in which she currently specializes. Dr. Kohlman uses her multi-disciplinary approach to treating a multitude of ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, sports injuries, pain conditions, hormonal and menstrual health issues, as well as stomach and gastrointestinal disturbances by looking at what is causing the imbalance in the patient’s body, and approaching this root cause.

For each patient encounter Dr. Casey Kohlman uses her resourcefulness within a multitude of techniques to tailor a specific treatment that is vital at that moment. Dr. Kohlman understands that no one is without emotional trauma in life, and the trick is to find a balance within yin and yang (light and dark) so that we are at peace.